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Computer Class to Every School in Africa

Please, donate your old computers to help us educate the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we can create new dreams for our students, right here in the very heart of Africa. Be a part of their journey to a brighter future.

From Your Office to African Classrooms

Our initiative stands firmly on three pillars, combined creating an ecosystem that equips the young boys and girls of Africa with computers, educational content and learning desks. Become a part of this transformative journey!


Donate your gently-used computers


Supply stimulating educational software


Furnish classroom with learning desks


Donate your gently-used computers

Educational Software

Supply stimulating educational software

Contribute Financially

Furnish classroom with learning desks

Together, we can forge a brighter future for every child in Africa!

Poverty is the Greatest Barrier to Education


99 million people


74,6% lives below the international poverty line, i.e. make less than 2,15 USD per day. 60% live on less than 1,25 USD a day.


47 million people


42% lives below the international poverty line, i.e. make less than 2,15 USD per day.


20,5 million people


60% lives below the international poverty line, i.e. make less than 2,15 USD per day.


54 million people


19 million live below the poverty line making less than 2.15 U.S. dollars a day. 8 million people lived in extreme poverty.


13,8 million people


48,8% lives below the international poverty line, i.e. make less than 2,15 USD per day.


65,5 million people


49,1% live below $1.90 per day

Your Support Can Turn Poverty into Prosperity


Making a computer class in every school in Sub Saharan Africa has the potential to lift

over 100 million people out of poverty.

Your Computers Can Educate Africa 

If your company is upgrading its equipment, your used computers could provide young boys and girls with access to digital literacy, opening doors to knowledge and opportunities that were once firmly closed.

Social Justice

By donating your company's used computers, you're not merely upgrading your own technology and clearing storage space. You're laying the foundation for new opportunities and dreams across the African continent.

Economic Development

We view unused electronics as vehicles for a valuable second life. Donating computers to Africa represents an investment in a future where every child harnesses education to improve their life, uplifting communities and countries alike.

Peaceful Coexistence

Equipping African schools with tools to boost digital literacy and foster critical thinking lays the groundwork for cross-cultural exchanges and collaboration among tribes, ethnic groups, and nations.

Our vision is simple

Redirecting your older tech to African classrooms will give your electronics a second life. It is more than an act of charity; it's an investment in a future where every child can harness the power of education.

Watch the Video

Your contributions will be acknowledged across African schools, where your donated computers will make a difference. Your representatives are invited to witness this impact at the opening ceremonies of our new learning spaces and meet the students whose futures will be transformed

Educational Software to Schools across Africa

Your educational programs and interactive software will ignite a pursuit of knowledge among young boys and girls. By granting free access to your platform, you are not merely broadening your user base; you are driving a learning revolution across the African continent.

Freedom and Democracy

Education is the cornerstone of democracy, empowering individuals with knowledge, critical thinking, and the capacity to challenge injustice.

Women's Leadership

Education nurtures women's self-confidence and equips them with the competencies necessary for proficient leadership.

Climate Action

Educated young people are increasingly inclined to acquire green skills and embrace environmental standards. Their consumer habits are shifting towards eco-friendly products, stimulating the green economy.

Every Child Will be able to Access Digital Education, Regardless of Their Geographical Location

More than


of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is under the age of 25

Africa's population is projected to reach 

1.7 billion by 2030

Each classroom you help to transform in schools across Africa will feature a display celebrating your contribution. We are eager to extend an invitation for your representatives to join us at the inaugural ceremonies of the new educational spaces

Desks & Solar Power for Computer Classrooms

Every financial contribution is directed towards equipping computer classrooms with learning desks. Нour support will also enable the installation of solar panels, ensuring a consistent power supply for the computers.

Thank You for Your Generous Contribution! Your donation is a powerful testament to your commitment to social justice. Please rest assured that we manage your contributions with the utmost care and precision. We ensure complete transparency by providing detailed reports on how every cent is allocated

Investing in Generation Next

Educated individuals tend to invest 30% more of their household income into their children's health and education compared to their less-educated counterparts.


Every dollar you invest in African education yield a return of up to 5 dollars in economic gain.


Each additional year in school can lead to an increase in an individual's earning potential by 10%.


9 out of 10 children in the lowest income families could escape poverty with the completion of a secondary education.

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Our Commitment to Action

Within the next decade, we aim to halve the current 29% youth unemployment rate in Sub-Saharan Africa by establishing computer classes across all schools over a 5-year period, thus providing every child with access to learning opportunities. As educational quality improves, we anticipate corresponding advances in economic development, political stability, social equity, and lasting peace across the continent.

Veroniсa Tsepkalo

Co-Chairperson, Strategic Council of the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development, laureate of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, the Charlemagne Prize, Martin Luther Fearless Word Prize, John S. McCain Freedom Award, Noble Peace Price Nominee

Dr. Lina Zedriga

Co-Chairperson Strategic Council of the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development, Deputy President of National Unity Platform (Uganda), Raportteur of Civil Society Forum of International Conference on the Great Lakes Region of Africa, Director of the UN SCR on Women Peace and Security, Mentor of Gender and Social Inclusion

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